Reflections in Go

func (d *decodeState) unmarshal(v interface{}) error {
rv := reflect.ValueOf(v)
if rv.Kind() != reflect.Ptr || rv.IsNil() {
return &InvalidUnmarshalError{reflect.TypeOf(v)}
// We decode rv not rv.Elem because the Unmarshaler interface
// test must be applied at the top level of the value.
err := d.value(rv)
if err != nil {
return d.addErrorContext(err)
return d.savedError
fmt.Println(reflect.TypeOf(2)) // 2
interface value => dynamic operand's type + dynamic operand's value
x := 2
fmt.Printf("%T\n", x) // int
x := 2
fmt.Println(reflect.ValueOf(x)) // 2
x := reflect.ValueOf(2) // a reflect.Value
fmt.Println(x) // 2
t := x.Type()
fmt.Println(t) // int
i := x.Interface() // an interface{}
v := x.(int)
fmt.Println(v) // 2
x := reflect.ValueOf(2)
fmt.Println(x.Kind()) // int
package main

import (

type Transactions struct {
TransactionID string `json:"txn_id,omitempty"`
Amount float64 `json:"amount,omitempty"`

func printTypes(i interface{}) {
type := reflect.TypeOf(i)
kind := t.Kind()
fmt.Println("Type ", type)
fmt.Println("Kind ", kind)
func main() {
structForTxn := Transactions{
TransactionID: "abc-1231-cd",
Amount: 100,
Type  main.Transactions
Kind struct




Software Engineer

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Aman Jain

Aman Jain

Software Engineer

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